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Building your "living books" collection?  Definitely document your treasures.  You can then better harness the books yourself, and avoid buying duplicates.  We prefer a web-based platform (on left).  You (and any borrowers) can dig in at home and at book sales!  

Content is crucial, because while most library programs focus on fetching modern-book info via ISBN, most "living books" were published prior to ISBNs.  Voila!  You'll access our vast, hand-made, "living books" database (on over 25,000 retro book gems) which features values-driven descriptions and yummy book-cover art that encourages reading.

How?  You can notate your books right inside our online library/database site...with full lending functionality too!  You'll be a unique "location" for you & your borrowers, with web/app access anywhere.  Side benefit: your webpages will be updated each time we add/enhance book info...which is daily!  You're up and running quickly, instead of losing books.

You’d only need to notate which of my books are in your location.  (You may add any titles which I do not have, but that wouldn’t happen often, and would be easier because you could use my related records as a springboard.)  If you're lending, you'll also enter your patrons' info, and set their password.  (This offer is for private libraries.  School libraries will want our school-specific features.)
All this rare "living books" data AND web-functionality is just $89.95/year (intro rate).  We can get you started quickly, while it took me well over 24,000 hours to create this database.  Let's save you that time, and get you running...without you having to reinvent the wheel!   (Note: Two-year minimum, no exporting/copying of data, access only for password-protected members.  We can transfer your data out if you later leave the system.  Subscription conveys acceptance of those terms, thank you.)
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