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Those of you who live far from Children's Preservation Library or our Living Learning Libraries can still enjoy the loads of living-book info on our website.  Here you will find specialized descriptions and Subject details on over 25,000 of the most precious and rare living-book treasures.  We also highlight character qualities where pertinent, such as perseverance, generosity, forgiveness, etc., even if in biographies or picture books.  Of course, the database here also offers the usual author info, series info, etc.  This is topped off by a visual of the book's cover (where completed), to bring all to life.

You may also enjoy our many "Pathfinders," which are topical booklists on unique topics (such as seagulls and microscopes), as well as energetic themes, such as "Adventures for Boys," "Horse Racing," or "Physical Science Adventures."  We keep adding more Pathfinders, so you will always find something new!  You may also request a particular Pathfinder, and we will do our best to comply. 

Browse for favorite books, see recommendations in order to harness a library near you, maximize your inter-library loan requests, or make a shopping list for your own living-book purchases, all for just $4.99/month (or a discounted fee of $54.99/year).  And if we are ever able to ship books from our own library, you will receive the first opportunity to enjoy the service.

Our website has more information than on any other such known source, and is being further developed as we maximize the move to our wonderful new platform.  Eventually, all books will have cover art graphics, fuller descriptions, topical hyperlinking, and more.  So, click on the button below to electronically purchase monthly access to this one-of-a-kind resource.  Either way, we will create a private account for you, and email you the log-in info!  (If you prefer to own the data via one-time purchase, rather than have monthly access, click here.)

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