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Some folks wish to acquire the entire living-books database of over 25,000 records, so they can always have it entirely at-hand, can customize it, and can use it to track their own growing book collection, while avoiding the 24,000 (estimated) man-hours we spent creating it.  The database can be used to guide/track purchases, generate labels, etc.  (We provide the data for your program, not the program.)  Please note that most existing online info about books is only about those from the most recent years, while ours covers most of the "living books" written during the "Golden Age" (late 1930s-@1970), and includes not only the title/author info, but specific content info, descriptions (often including character qualities, and other values-based info not easily found, etc.), all for just a one-time fee of $139. We have a detailed info-letter about the database, available upon request.  Once you have made your one-time purchase below, we will send applicable info and no-copy agreement.  (If you prefer monthly access, click here.)
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