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The Other Classics  (by Michelle Miller Howard)
Which books are famous (or should be!) for inspiring children and teens to fall in love with reading?  Let's start with those classics first...
How Can I Know if a Book is "Living?"  (by Michelle Howard Miler)
Is there really a difference between the older book gems and what is available "for free" in public libraries? Have children's books the entire culture has changed? Will it make a difference in my children's hearts? Oh, yes...."  (First published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, June 2012)
Our Good-Book-Collecting Journey  (by Michelle Howard Miller)

In this TOS magazine article (2013 Annual Book), Michelle was asked by the editors to relate her gradual discovery that living books actually make learning (and teaching!) easier, more fun, and more impactful...and how she collected the many books that would become the Children's Preservation Library.

Border Guards and Basements: How a Library is Born  (by Michelle Howard Miller)

"The Old Schoolhouse Magazine" asked Michelle to relate how Children's Preservation Library was begun. Here is the article (March 2013, TOS)...

The Nuremburg Trials...and Homeschooling?!
The world watched with bated breath as the horrific Nazi war criminals were put on trial at Nuremburg and claimed innocence!  What can we learn, unexpectedly, about the pressures which attempt to shape our teaching and family life?
This short article finally says the truth out loud:  "Turns Out that Students Like Real Books, Not Electronic Ones"
Why we do all this!    Notre Dame prof on deep education....