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"Thank you so much for your thorough job recommending books for our homeschool year.  Our upcoming studies will be so rich with beauty and goodness thanks to you!"  --K, Georgia

"How may I help you?" I ask this of each child/teen in my large "living books" library. Because, learning ignites when we find the just-right book (out of thousands) for their unique interests and callings!  It has been my joy--for the last 26 years--to see youths love reading when we discover a book gem just for them. 

Parents can be overwhelmed seeing the 25,000 top-notch living books in my library. How can they find the best, and quickly? That's where I come in. Let the librarian do the work!

Gleefully, kids lob their intriguing challenges my way: "I want to know about medieval locks."  Coming right up!  Mom can relax while her children's personal interests are fed, their learning is broadened/deepened, and academic trouble spots are eased with interesting resources (which offer a different approach to curricula). I've seen resistant readers melt into well-chosen "living books."  Do you know of these older, narrative treasures so very different from most contemporary books? (Click here to learn more.) They do the work of drawing and inspiring!  So, let's make it easy for you to find living books in your area with spot-on recommendations.

Mom & Dad, yes, let's get living book titles to your children to dramatically fuel their learning! Let's ease your teaching by "secretly" sparking with just-right "living" history, science, geography, math, biography, art, and music titles.  Few public librarians know the "living book" gems of yesteryear, but you can get expert recommendations right here, right now.

Just email Michelle with the special interests, needs, character goals, or topics of your children/teens (and their age/gender, for best specificity), and she will quickly get you her favorite picks.*  Spare yourself the decision-making and research for don't-miss titles, and fire away!  Once you receive your personalized recommendations, you can seek these books in your area, through public, private, and parochial libraries, the special youth book archives often held in the Education departments of colleges and universities, inter-library loan, vintage bookstores, and even online resources, such as book dealers and virtual libraries.  Enjoy the hunt with your "personalized treasure map" of custom book recommendations...and watch your children fall in love with learning and reading!  That is the power of a just-right "living book." 

* Up to 1 hour of Michelle's research time/month, which should meet a family's needs.
(Service 4) Personalized Book Recommendations
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