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I may be Five-in-a-Row's (FIAR) most enthusiastic fan, having sent countless customers their way, for creating one of the most delicious and deeply effective programs ever!  Because our library members thus use FIAR heavily, my libraries support that usage by offering take-home totes containing the main book for each FIAR unit *and* enrichment/support books that I was formerly (and repeatedly!) scurrying to locate each time someone began a unit.  A patron finally suggested we instead tote-up the support books to save time and effort.  Brilliant!

Since, I've been asked by other librarians, moms, etc.--who'd like to spare themselves the same vast hours of research--for lists of the thoughtfully age-appropriate support books we lend our library members doing FIAR.  These are now available here!

So, to spare yourself 20+ years of development, purchase the spreadsheets below supporting Before FIAR, Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3.  ($39.95 per volume, only about $2 per spreadsheet/unit).  The spreadsheets will rapidly and cost-effectively guide your acquisitions, and when circulating with each tote, show Mom which of the Lamberts' themes in the FIAR manual are being supported by the "living books" in each tote.  

LIBRARIANS: Supporting FIAR is a real draw to your library, and will, importantly, begin families on a lifelong journey of relational learning!



Michelle Miller Howard

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Support for Five-in-a-Row
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P.S.   I am often asked by those using my main library database if these FIAR spreadsheets are redundant.  They are definitely not redundant, because the library database, while including the FIAR support-books in our library, does not show which FIAR topic is being supported by each book.  Only the FIAR support-spreadsheets perform that function, as well as assisting with check-out procedure.  In fact, we request those using our Living Books database not access the FIAR support info partially included therein without purchasing the FIAR service here since so much time was invested into the support process.  A laborer is worthy of hire...
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our library-support efforts greatly enhance, BUT IN NO WAY REPLACE, the FIAR manuals created by the authors, the Lamberts.  Each FIAR manual is absolutely essential to the patron doing FIAR at home (they must purchase the manual), wherein the Lamberts display the rich topics (science, geography, language, character qualities, history, art, etc.) they've ingeniously pulled from the main title. 

The Lamberts wisely encourage the use of library books to develop the themes, so we have spent many hours over many years determining which library books best support their brilliant plan.  So, we are NOT REPLACING their manual, but instead helping librarians best support their manuals!  We are working from the librarian aspect... 

Our job as "living books" librarians is to help people find that FIAR is quite doable, by conveniently providing both the main title and the support books, so Mama can spend her time DOING FIAR WITH HER CHILDREN, not researching support books and driving around to find them.  This support service of our library greatly increases usage of FIAR, and thus creates more support for the Lamberts' endeavors.  Moms with little ones in tow can borrow quickly, or easily send Hubby.
How do our FIAR-support lists/spreadsheets work? 

1) They cite each covered FIAR topic/subtopic in order from the manual…and then show the targeted "living books" we're lending in the tote to support those topics.
2)  They also serve as check-out sheets, allowing folks to quickly inventory (by exact title, or summary counting) a tote’s contents before conveniently borrowing it as a single unit.  If a book is missing, discovery is immediate, and we contact the last user. 
3)  Adhere a clear pocket to the underside of your totes' the spreadsheets are both easily visible and accessible.