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I really appreciate her well-balanced and individualized approach to giving guidance based on God's word!  Her wealth of knowledge and experience, served out of a passionate heart, is priceless!
J.B., Michigan
Teach Confidently, Enjoyably, and with Freedom!

HELP!    Michelle has long offered deep and unique aid to families:
*relieving the deep concerns of home-educating parents
       *forging profound vision for their children's maximal development
       *generating practical solutions to everyday struggles & tense dynamics
                                    *enabling vivid, lifelong, academic excellence 
                                    *hand-selecting the best books for your kids on your topics.

ELEVATE    The daily details of homeschooling have purpose when:
        *parents and children see a worthy end which elevates the means
        *truth and visionary preparation replace the drudgery of mere "subjects."
        *we hand-curate the best book selections for your kids from our library, if you'd like that customized expertise and time-saver (an optional service).

APPLY   We will apply a freeing, relational, and successful view of education to:
        *your students' academic/ideological/spiritual spheres
        *your children's specific only you can bring about.
We can focus on one area (such as use of TruthQuest History, if desired), or plan for all major subjects, using any curriculum, with an exciting forward vision which will give you daily confidence!

After 24+ years of home-educating and librarianship/book selection, Michelle's offspring have launched to honors' college & career success, and she helps other families via her two large "living books" libraries, curriculum & magazine writing, speaking, and consulting.  Michelle graduated summa cum laude from the University of Alabama, and now has seven grandsons!  (A fuller bio is below.)


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Curriculum Vitae -- Michelle Miller Howard

Michelle Miller Howard
B.A., summa cum laude, University of Alabama

C.V.  For over 25 years, Michelle has been a librarian, home-education consultant, author, columnist, and speaker, specializing in top-quality living books, educational vision, and history instruction.  It began in 1995, when she pioneered, funded, and acquired a library of such rare children's literature, which has been thriving ever since; her Children's Preservation Library (in Michigan) now houses over 20,000 valuable volumes, serving patrons in several counties.  A second library, Living Learning Libraries, also lending 20,000 volumes, is now operating in Florida, with plans for additional libraries, as well.

Michelle is considered a national leader/expert on living libraries and literature, and helps others around the nation found and operate such libraries as well, including requests to work with colleges, charter school systems, and non-profit foundations.  Currently, she is also consulting for the library at the Hillsdale Academy (the K-12 classical school affiliated with Hillsdale College), to further build their book collection with her expertise.  She has developed a massive database on quality youth literature, which has been of service to many, and her first-hand knowledge of youth literature in all academic areas is unsurpassed. 

Michelle has also been asked to speak about education, literature, and history at many levels--both in person and via national radio--and is a regular contributing columnist to various national magazines and educational websites.  Editors have requested her insights through published articles on several topics over the years.  But, she also helps home-educating families (phone/Skype or in person) find thrilling, children-specific vision and direction through consultation.

Management of her own library for over two decades has led to her high-level expertise in library science, the Dewey Decimal system (significantly memorized), book acquisition and processing, as well as communications, service, operations, organization, teamwork, and fiscal responsibility.  Michelle wrote the multiple award-winning TruthQuest History curriculum, which steers families through American and world history with deep, engaging, spiritually-probing commentary, and which embeds her vast knowledge of topic-specific living book recommendations. 

Michelle was an outstanding student herself in both high school and college (including invitations to apply to West Point, MIT, etc.), graduating summa cum laude from the University of Alabama, with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Communications, and an extensive, A+, senior project in youth literature and library science.  Michelle home-educated all four of her children, one a Hillsdale College alumnus admitted to their esteemed Honors Program.  She has been an active member of local churches and educational support groups over the years, has traveled to Europe and Russia several times, including overseas mission trips and international adoption, and now has seven cute grandsons.