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Greetings to all budding (or dreaming) librarians! 

We're delighted that you are considering, or already building, a library.  The need for "living books" is so very great.  You're doing eternally important work.

Library-building is a significant endeavor.  First, there is much to do, especially in databasing you books and tracking your loans (we can launch you quickly to that stage here).  Secondly, there is much to learn, because costs and effort can be high.  However, Michelle, an experienced mentor, a "big sister," will greatly maximize your resources and time.  As, the first known "living books" librarian, with over 25 years experience operating the first/largest-known "living books" library (over 20,000 volumes), we can walk with you on the journey.  We have now launched a second library in Florida, with 25,000 volumes, so are again experiencing the start-up phase.  Thanks to long-distance consultation, we can help with your planning, preparing, promoting, procuring, processing, and patron service.

Your consultation!  

You are probably wondering about membership-building, space needs, costs, book purchasing and organization, shelving, patron policies, circulation, databasing, repairs, bookkeeping, and much more.  Great questions!  These are all real aspects to consider, and we can work through each one with you.  The good news is that the rewards of library service are deeply meaningful.  Let's get you there as quickly as possible!

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I will contact you to confirm time and connection details.  Can't wait to pitch in with your terrific project!
Hear Michelle discuss library-building in two podcasts with Felice Gerwitz...
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