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"How may I help you?" I ask each child/teen in both my large "living books" libraries. Because, real learning ignites--even for reluctant readers--when we offer the best resources.  In awe, I've watched it happen for the last 22 years. 

Let's help you find, organize, and offer the best books to your own family, school, or others!   We can even give you an easy online presence, with your growing book collection available for browsing, check-outs, via laptop or cell phone on the go!

Do you know living books?  These rare, retro books were published in the "Golden Age of Youth Literature," when Judeo-Christian ethics inspired supremely narrative writing and hand-made illustrations (expressing a high view of the reader & deep learning).  These gems cover every academic subject and offer oodles of inspiring, character-rich, worthy, flat-out-good stories and picture-books. 

These treasures are scarce, so many of us unearthing and sharing them.  With access to our vast, one-of-a-kind, living books database (on over 20,000 volumes, info hard to find elsewhere), you have a huge headstart on learning which books to seek, tracking which you've acquired, and safely lending.

We now have a super-exciting option: we can get your book collection online--easily--with full access to all our living books data and with full library functionality for your lending/renewing/labeling!  There are other online library programs, but none which specialize in our pre-ISBN living books data, our values/readability content in the book descriptions, and yummy rare cover art! 

Our other options range from monthly "living books" database viewing privileges, to outright purchase of the "living books" data (in spreadsheet format), to consultations on home-education & library building, personal reading recommendations, and aid in school-library building.

Parents and teachers can relax when their student's personal interests are fed, learning is broadened/deepened, and academic trouble spots are eased with interesting resources (which offer a different approach to curricula).  These engaging gems do the work of drawing and inspiring, so choose your support, and let's get you started!


   (Service 1)  Speedy Super-Start...with All "Living Books" Data AND Full Library Functionality!

Instantly have all our rare "living books" data at your fingertips online (laptop or cell phone), and, of course, create an important record of your own collection inside the same website (so all our book additions are instantly yours too)...and, if you're lending books, have all the functionality of a library website, with lending, reserving, renewals!  You're ready to roll out a "living-books" library for home, or others too!


   (Service 2)  Harness our vast (20,000-book), online, living-book database!

How?  Subscribe to my living-books database. It was especially written to convey content and family values (monthly subscription, intro rate--$4.99).

   (Service 3)  Download our living-books database, to customize and augment!

How?  Purchase my specialized database outright. Customize and augment on your device. (One-time purchase, intro rate--$129).

   (Service 4Enjoy personalized living-book recommendations for all your children on any topic!

How?  Email me, your personal librarian, sending your child/subject-specific requests throughout each month. I will quickly reply with don't-miss favorite titles from the "Golden Age" of youth literature, when Judeo-Christian values still undergirded, making your book searches ideal and focused.


Lord bless you! 

Michelle Miller Howard

Living Books Lady, Children's Preservation Library, Living Learning Libraries, TruthQuest History

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